Spice Up Your Cocktails

Spice Up Your Cocktails With These Tips

For many, booze is a big party icebreaker. Even if you’re not a big drinker, non-alcoholic options are on the rise. I myself and a BIG beverage girlie. Champagne, juice, Pink Drink from Starbucks – if it tastes good I’m drinkin’ it. So, as your resident virtual party planner, I’m going to give you the bevvy lowdown. No matter what proof your party beverages of choice are, here are 5 ways to spice up your cocktails.

1. Use a Garnish

A garnish is one of the easiest ways to add some oomph to your favorite drink. Fruit and herbs are popular options, but you can also use dehydrated fruit, petals, drink tags, or even these custom dissolvable toppers.

2. Use Embellishments

Nowadays, there are some really cool things you can add to your drink to give ’em a wow factor. From edible luster dust to pea flower tea for a color-changing drink. Try experimenting with unexpected drink additions. Hint: If you mix the pea flower tea with lemon juice, you’ll have a super cool color-changing cocktail on your hands.

3. Play with Ice

Ice can be customized too! Use large single-piece ice molds, silicone shaped ice molds, or even an ice stamper to make an impression (…no pun). Ice, for being frozen water, is gaining popularity in terms of colors, flavors, and shapes, so use it to spice up your cocktails!

4. Pay Attention to Your Glassware

The vessel you serve your drink in can be just as important as what’s inside. Make sure you’re serving your cocktail in drinkware that meets the occasion. We love a classic rocks glass, modern ribbed tumblers, or colored glass.

5. Create Displays

What’s better than one drink? A lot! Build some visual excitement by serving your drinks via a display. Try using tabletop shelving, or even printing out a menu and placing it in a menu stand.

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