Welcome to Confetti Box, where we sprinkle joy, fun, and confetti on all your bridal events!


We’re the ultimate party animals who believe in creating unforgettable moments that are worthy of a viral TikTok. Whether you’re planning an epic bach bash or a boujee bridal shower, we’ve got you covered!

Now, let’s get real for a sec. We understand the struggle of busy brides and overwhelmed maids of honors. It’s like juggling a dozen confetti cannons (…or bridesmaids) while trying to keep your sanity intact. That’s why we’re not like your average planners or run-of-the-mill services. We’re your one-stop-shop superheroesses, here to save the day and make your bride-to-be dreams come true. Unlike traditional planners who limit their awesomeness to a few popular cities and cost a fortune, we’ve got you covered no matter where you are.

When we say we handle every detail, we mean it. From personalized itineraries that will take you on a whirlwind adventure to party favors that will make your guests go “Stop, these are so cute!”, we’ve got every single aspect covered.

With us by your side, you can truly enjoy and celebrate without a single worry. So let’s unleash the confetti, pop the champs, and make some magical memories together with Confetti Box!


Meet Katie, the sassy queen of party perfection! After surviving a bachelorette bash that was a hot mess (seriously, it could’ve used a dose of her magic touch), she’s transformed her chaotic experience into an opportunity to rescue you from party-planning disasters.

With an eye for detail and an unrivaled knack for organization, Katie ensures your events go smoother than silk and are Instagrammable AF. She’s the mastermind behind every perfectly coordinated moment, turning your wildest party dreams into a stunning reality.

So, buckle up and join forces with Katie and her team of party stylists. Together, you’ll create memories that will have everyone saying, “Wow, she really knows how to throw a damn good party!”