I Planned My Wedding Without a Wedding Planner

All photos captured via SLOtography

Hallelujah! I’m a married woman! I tied to knot with my fiance, Lior, on 10.22.22. Despite a mystery vomit debacle most of the night, the evening was magical because I had my hands on every element. That’s right, I planned my wedding without a wedding planner. We got engaged in May of 2021, so I ended up being engaged for well over a year. This was both exciting (yay more time to plan and be a fiance!) and frustrating (it felt like I had to wait for F-O-R-E-V-E-R).

Everyone said I was crazy for planning my wedding without a wedding planner (which yes, is probably true), but I LOVE planning. By the time I was done, I was fishing for more things to do.

 planned my wedding without a wedding planner

As your resident virtual party planner, I’m going to show you how I managed to stay sane (or at least the same about of sane I started with) while planning my wedding without a wedding planner. An obviously less than virtual event.

First of all, let’s just say I am VERY type A. This is honestly an essential skill. Second, I have hosted events my entire life. I was frothing at the mouth to plan the party of a lifetime (I mean, a real budget?! Helloooo). I had all of my vendors booked by July. Some even laughed in my face for being so early in my bookings. The joke is on them though! The post-pandemic madhouse hit shortly after. Just about everyone had raised their prices, been booked, or both.

In fact, there were more weddings in 2022 than there have been in any other year since 1984.

 planned my wedding without a wedding planner

After my vendors were booked, I immediately began planning my “moments” for my elegant ranch themed wedding. I LOVE decor and that was planned down to the very sprig of wheat that adorned each napkin too. But, I knew my wedding needed more than just a spectacular table setting (something, despite being 32, I am known for amongst my friend group). To make it memorable, I created many different moments and experiences. From a “put some sass in your glass” sachet full of edible glitter, passion fruit syrup, and a heart-shaped sugar cube to my moonshine bar with mini mason jars.

I broke down my decor areas and moments by month, so that each month I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I could focus on just a few elements at a time. Let me tell ya – I poured HOURS into finding the perfect touches. Rather than stress me out though, I found it was an amazing creative outlet for me (hence, Confetti Box). I would spend hours creating little displays and moments. I even used my Cricut to create a custom saloon bar sign!

When I finally finished planning 3 months early, I was devasted. I kept finding more and more little touches I could add (which, hey, ended up benefitting my guests).

In the end, I realized that the fact that all of my details came together to create such a unique event in a saturated sea of weddings, and that I never felt stressed or overwhelmed, meant that this had to be my calling. So now here we are! Ramping up Confetti Box so you can enjoy all of the same things I got to at my wedding, equally stress-free! The only difference is that you don’t have to be a crazy type A person with a tablecloth collection to reap the benefits this time.

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