Bachelorette Party Dresses

The Bachelorette Party Dress Guide

Bachelorette party dress shopping can either be the most fun or the most stressful part of planning. As the bride-to-be, all eyes will be on you during your bachelorette party, and what better way to stand out and feel like a queen than by donning a stunning white dress? White is classic, elegant, and the perfect choice to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. To make your dress hunt a breeze, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 places to find the perfect white dress for your bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party Dress12th Tribe White Dress

12th Tribe ($$)

12th tribe will get you your edgier and more “night out on the town” sort of white dresses, as well as some classics.


Reformation ($$$)

While pricier, these dresses are fashion forward, well made, and well fitting.


Nasty Gal ($$)

Nasty Gal offers a wide range and affordable (and often on sale!) white dresses, jumpsuits, and pantsuits if you want to reach beyond just a dress.


MUMU ($$$)

High fashion, trendy white dresses and jumpsuits that suit many different styles.


Windsor ($$)

Affordable party dresses, formal dresses, jumpsuits, and more.


Bella and Bloom ($$)

Clean silhouettes and fashionable options for the more traditional bachelorette.


Rent the Runway ($-$$$)

Bachelorette party dresses from all kinds of designers for rent! Quick and easy.


ASTR the Label ($$)

For fans of the more traditional classics that still offer high fashion.



High fashion styles at an affordable price.


Etsy ($-$$$)

Great for accessories, veils, and even custom-made dresses.


When shopping for your bachelorette party dress, consider the style and vibe of your celebration. Are you planning a glamorous night on the town, a beachside bash, or a rustic outdoor adventure? Make sure your dress complements the theme and location of the event.

Before making your final decision, don’t forget to:

  • Check the return policy to ensure you have a backup plan if the dress doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Pay attention to sizing charts and read customer reviews for insights on fit and comfort.
  • Accessorize your dress with shoes, jewelry, and other items that enhance your overall look.
  • Look for scams. If you see the same photo or the same website design on multiple sites, beware.

Ultimately, the perfect white dress for your bachelorette party is one that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to celebrate with your closest friends. Happy dress shopping, and here’s to a fabulous bachelorette party!

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